e-Learning refers to learning activities via online platform using a computer or other digital devices, allowing technology to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.

UTAR Innovative e-Learning and Web-Based Learning Environment (WBLE)

e-Learning Resources
(for Public)

Ignite the passion for learning using online tools, ICT technologies and platforms that are convenient, creative, resourceful, user-friendly and cost-effective!

UTAR e-Learning

Explore the wonders of e-learning experiences through the teaching and learning (T&L) innovative technologies of the 21st century!

Benefits for Students

Quick Delivery of Lessons

Students can learn at their own pace and select specific area of interests.

Easy Access to Latest Content

Students can access the latest and updated content.

Cost Effective

Reduce travelling and printing costs.

Unlimited Revision of Lectures

Students can conveniently revisit the pre-recorded lectures anytime.


Eco-friendly way of learning.